Job Posting and position changes:

Teacher Assistant:

A new T/A position was filled. Hired was Sammy Wallace is the new Teacher Assistant at SCS.

Skatin Community School Continues the Green Gardens
SCS will be offering Green House building to the students from last year & into new school year.
SCS After School Program

Hiking and Physical Fitness Education.

DATE: November, 2018

The Teachers of SCS have organized and began a After School Programs at SCS from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.


Cooperative Education Program

November, 2018


Skatin Community School Students from Grades 7-9. 

Work Experience:

  1. Maintenance​

  2. Culinary Arts

  3. Secretary

  4. Janitorial

  5. Language & Culture Teacher

K-3 Class

November, 2018


Chelsea Reader is corresponding well with a new school year for the K-3 class room. With adding in after school programs, hiking and Yoga.



Upcoming Events


 APR 16, 2019

Lang. & Cultural Meeting:

Information meeting went as scheduled, with a full house of attendance. We thank all community members for your participation.

APR 16-26, 2019

Filming Workshop:

The SCS Language and Culture staff participated in a Filming workshop, the workshop was a success, and all enjoyed the great coaching from Sabrina.

APR 26, 2019

Language & Culture

The follow up information meeting, was a success repeat. We like to thank all particpants for their assistance in gathering our history.

APR 30, 2019
SCS Staff and Students celebrated their first Bear Day. The painting of wooden carved bear monuments, and posting them in play ground of the school, was inspiring. 

MAY 1, 2019
A visit from the FNESC IT Tech. to follow up on the installation of a new Internet and Network system, was a much-appreciated upgrade for SCS. Thank you FNESC for the updated system for SCS.

MAR 7-8, 2019
The staff of SCS started their Ucwalmicw classes we have 10 signed up for the course.

MAY 10, 2019

Statutory Holiday, SCS closed for Sta'timc day.

MAY 12, 2019

Happy Mothers Day Weekend