Support & Programs

Skatin Community School has a flow through funding from INAC to Skatin Nation, A CFA is arranged with Skatin Nation and Skatin Community School. 

The Elementary and Secondary Education Program aims to help eligible students living on reserve reach similar educational outcomes to other Canadian students in the same province.

The program supports First Nations students to progress academically, graduate and contribute to their individual, family and community well-being.

First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) FUNDING

FNESC strives to share current information about available programs, government policies and initiatives and education issues that impact First Nations learners.  In addition, FNESC strives to build partnerships with federal and provincial agencies and other relevant stakeholders in order to communicate the issues and concerns of BC First Nations and ensure that they are meaningfully addressed.

Their mandate is “to facilitate discussion about education matters affecting First Nations in BC by disseminating information and soliciting input from First Nations.  The primary goal is to promote and support the provision of quality education to First Nations learners in BC.” FNESC, the First Nations Schools Association, and the Indigenous Adult and Higher Learning Association operate from the same West Vancouver office and take a collaborative approach to many initiatives.

SCS Fund-Raising:
SCS has received numerous donations of equipment and supplies from corporate donors which have greatly enhanced the quality of education for the students and added to overall quality of life in Skatin Village.  Skatin Community School gratefully acknowledges these corporations and organizations and their contributions. 

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School Principal


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