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Mission Statement:

Skatin Community School is an integral institution of the communities it serves. Our traditions teach us that we are responsible for future generations. Our culture and traditions are integrated into all learning at the school, and form the foundation for our decisions.

Our students are our greatest asset; the first commitment of SCS is to our students. SCS recognizes and respects the individuality of each student. All individual talents are nurtured, encouraged and developed.

Positive contributions by our communities are essential to student success. The school welcomes the involvement of elders and encourages them to provide guidance and share their knowledge. Parents, citizens, local leaders, artisans, craftsman and others are encouraged to contribute in whatever way they can. 


Our intention is to provide an atmosphere where students are happy to come to school, appreciate their school and its staff, and have a sense of purpose and direction. At Skatin Community School, students have the opportunity to make positive choices and learn appropriate skills that will prepare them for our changing world. 

HLS Evaluation Report


Kindergarten/Grade 3 Curriculum


In the Primary classroom, I am following the B.C curriculum guidelines for all 4 classes.  I have also Intergraded learning resources from www.starfall.com for reading and spelling practice and aslo from www.learning.com  page.com for math, science, and language.

Intermediate Curriculum


In the Intermediate Class there are students working in Gr 4, Gr 5 and Gr 7.   The Curriculum in Math follows the Provincial Guidelines for Grade Levels with students working along at their own pace in basic math operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and the older students work on problems solving and number theory.  In Reading students are challenged to learn vocabulary and many reading strategies.  They are learning basic writing skills.  In Science and Social Studies they are using BC approved texts and following curriculum guidelines.  In Physical Education and technology, the students receive excellent training and skill development from Mr. Xavier Williams.  They receive Native Language study as well as French


Senior Curriculum


The Senior Class students have been studying the four subjects that are specified by the B.C. Curriculum of Studies.  These include Social Studies, Science, Math, and English language arts.  The Class also has a full physical education program, a directed study of computer skills, and regular study of their local Native Language.  They have a full program of French language study.  There are occasional assignment in the areas of arts and crafts, music, and drama.

The students are introduced to topics dealing with local, traditional culture and to various other culture studies around the world.


Senior Class (Gr. 8 – 10) Curriculum Outline

All of the core subjects that are required by the B.C. Ministry of Education are being taught at the Gr 8, 9, and 10 levels, Science, Math, and English language arts.

1)       Topics of study in the Science program have included units on geology (featuring a study of the local area.  Land forms, lakes, watersheds, etc.), the environment (featuring earth studies and natural resources management).  Science studies have also included the investigation of matter – reviewing atomic and molecular structure.  The senior class has completed a unit on physical fitness and health, including a brief study of nitration.

2)       The Social Studies curriculum has focused on a study of local history and culture looking at both pre-contact and post contact events – such as the legend of the flood.   We have done a study of the traditional territory, featuring map work and photographs of several important places.  We have taken a few classes trips to investigate these places.  The social studies program will include units on the history and geography of British Columbia, and over review of its levels of government.  We will also study local Band and Tribal systems of governances.


3)       Math study has been based on grade levels, using the texts series MATHPOWER.  The students at their own pace.


4)       English Language Ants (Also French Language study).  The language arts curriculum has included studies in the areas of English grammar, spelling and sentence structure. Several major assignment have been given to improve writing skills, based upon the “writing process” formula for composition of stories, reports, etc.

The curriculum includes a study of literature using a variety of texts; in particular, the series of Sightlines readers have been used, which are based upon activities for improving reading comprehension at the Gr 8 -10 levels.  The curriculum includes a novel reading and reporting assignment, designed to increase the student appreciation of leisure reading. 

The Gr 10 students are focusing their study on the core curriculum subject, using copies of Post Provincial exams.  These will used primarily during the winter and Spring Semesters, in order to prepare them for the final Provincial Exams in the Spring Semester.

The curriculum has included occasional work with arts and crafts, and some practice in drama, as well as investigation of different musical forms/grammar.


SCS uses the same text books as school in school District 48 and or in the Public Schools.

The teachers here focus more in reading, writing and in numeracy skills, efforts have been made to enhance the teaching of science subjects, French is becoming popular and bilingualism or multilingualism is highly common among our students.

Students receive instructions in their own native Language and culture.  Drumming, singing, dancing, etc.  are other learning aspects that have gained momentum as well.

Teachers work very hard to help students keep up to the standards/skills they need to succeed and parents/guardians equally work to reinforce these learned skills with their children at home to support this learning process.

Increased awareness grows on parents/guardians that  they are primarily responsible for their children’s education belongs to them.

Although our computers look old, some computer experts from the Whistler Rotary Club came to install software for students from K-3 to grade 12 which are of prime importance to HLS and the community.

They also bought much sport equipments to encourage sport activities which our students and community members use as well.

The Whistler Rotary Club is to build a playground on our School ground that worth over $20,000 for the community and the school.

Every year they pay for an Educational Field trip to Whistler.  This Friday, 03/27/09 we will tour the Squamish/Lil Wat Cultural Centre in Whistler.

Cloudworks Energy has put up a movie theatre for the use of our school and the Skatin Community is welcome to use the facilities after school hours.

We also have a food program whereby all students from Skatin, Tipella and Baptiste have breakfast, snacks and Lunch.  This daily food program sponsored by Cloudworks Energy has introduced healthy food cooking.