ABOUT Skatin Community SCHOOL

In a perfect world, we would tell you about our school as did our ancestors …in the spoken word – a story that would be passed from person to person and generation to generation. Things have changed, and so have the lives of First Nations people. This Chronicle of Skatin Community School contains some important messages and we will tell our tale by any and all means available in this world.


A Chronicle is a historical account presented largely in the order in which the events occurred. This publication is a review not only of the past, but also of “where we are now”, our (our children, our community) opportunities for a bright future; and how we plan to “get there”.


We hope you will enjoy and learn by reading our modest tribute to cooperation, creativity and caring – all factors in the growth of Skatin Community School as an integral asset to Skatin Nations and our neighbour communities.

Roberta Whiskeyjack

School Principal

Our Philosophy

HLS teachers, students and community members developed a “Mind Map” that outlined four priority areas:

  1. Build Student Pride

  2. Provide youth activities

  3. Engage Parents & Community

  4. Address Challenges & Opportunities


Traditional Pit houses (S'istken) are found through out the our traditional terrritories.

Our History



From June of 1955, Skatin Nations children attended school in a portable building located in Skatin Village. After 50 years of use, the aging building could no longer serve the needs of the community.


New school approved for INAC funding on “upper” reserve, IR4A

2003 to 2004

Construction of new School


Skatin Community Hall, Kitchen & Gymnasium Facility approved for construction

2004 to 2005

Construction of new Community Centre & Gymnasium





2007 April

BC Ministry of Advanced Education releases new funding to support a “Strategy to Improve Aboriginal Access & Achievement

2007 August

HLS secures an extremely qualified individual to serve as Principal of HLS; Mr. Abou Bai-Sheka, as well as a fully certified teaching staff.

Fall 2007


Capable and caring management and staff provide efficient daily operations and ensure student needs are met. HLS Board of Direc tors now able to focus on strategic and financial planning and capacity building to build a strong foundation for the future of HLS and the community of Skatin.

2008 February

HLS Finance & Planning Workshop